Congratulations! Valid Card!

Valid Card!(4408041234567893)

The credit card number you entered (4408041234567893) is a valid credit card number according to the Luhn check!

  • Personal Account Number

    The last 9 digits of your credit card are your personal account number. In your case, these are: 123456789.

  • Major Industry Identifier

    The first digit of your credit card identifies the major industry it belongs to. Yours is a 4, so your card belongs to Banking and financial.

  • Credit Card Type

    The first six digits of your credit card tell us which company (Visa, Mastercard, etc) has actually issued you your card. As far as we can tell, your card is a Visa credit card. Of course, there are a million possibilities here.

  • Issuing Bank

    Wait--there is still more. Using our BIN Lookup Tool you might be able to decode the BIN bank code. You can try searching in our BIN Database